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You want to increase your profits but without being pushy. But you worry that you aren’t a natural salesperson and you want to be able to

sell without ‘selling’ 

Stop avoiding the sales conversations and take action. By following the 7 steps in the Conversations That Convert mini course you will feel an instant mindset shift that will empower you. You will have no problem finding your ideal customer and they will have no problem purchasing your high ticket product or service. 

If you don’t take some action right now, you’ll sit back and wait for the sales to come to you - this won’t happen unless you do something about it. It's a vicious cycle! 

How will this mini-course help me?

  • Increased confidence when selling - you’ll know what to say, where to say it and how to convert those conversations into sales.

  • More targeted customers to stop you wasting your time - once you’ve really identified who you should speak to you, you can understand what they need to hear so they come to you ready to spend.

  • Increased profits and repeat business which will further boost your confidence which will help you sell more and scale your business

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How can I help you?

I get it, I really do. When I first started selling I had no confidence and did it all wrong. I asked the closed questions that mostly accomplished ‘no’ answers. I was going after the money which felt so wrong and work became a nightmare for me. But then I started really talking to my customers and got to know them more. This helped me understand their needs and I could see how my products could really help them.

Now I want to share with you how I did this, how I shifted my mindset that saw me become wildly successful in my sales career of 30+ years and I’m going to do it in 7 easy steps.

Meet Your Course Instructor


"I love helping other business owners change their mindset around selling. When I see that lightbulb moment, that aha moment and they really understand - that makes everyones world a better place."

What's Included With This Training

Video tutorials

Each video outlines each step in the sales conversation, helping you understand its importance in the flow. You will need to complete each module to unlock the next video in the series with the aim of completing one module per day.


You will be tasked with simple assignments throughout the mini-course. These will help form the basis of a simple sales strategy and will aid in your confidence building. You can use the included downloadable work book for this. 

Extra bonus resources

To help consolidate your learning from the 7 day mini-course you will have access to additional resources that will further expand on each step of the roadmap. These bonuses will help ingrain your new found knowledge further. 

If you feel really uncomfortable selling don’t miss this mini-course 

Carrying on with no action plan will mean you miss out on sales that could transform your business and life. Invest £75 today and you will recoup that so easily with the rapid increase in sales your new found confidence will bring.

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See what others say about working with Moira

I loved every minute of your training. All common sense but lots of things I hadn’t been relating to my business.If I had to describe in one sentence what you do with your coaching it would be that you take the cringe and discomfort out of selling. 

Clare Devanney-Glynn - The Accidental Expert

I’ve attended a several of Moira’s sessions now having never had any sales training. I now understand ( & am still keen to learn) how to sell & this has given me confidence that I’m asking the right questions.

Jane Siddel - NEL Fund Manager

Moira is an absolute [sales &] marketing guru. The techniques and tips that she coached me with have helped to revolutionise our visual and social media marketing strategy. It's having real results on our business' bottom line, bravo. I cannot recommend highly enough! 

Greg O'Connell - GOC Construction Management

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