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So, selling isn't your thing?

In fact, it's the area of your business that you shy away from because it leaves you a little shaky?

Will you say the right things?
Will you come across as too salesy?
Or maybe not salesy enough?

Getting the balance right can be tricky. But you know you want to scale your business.

And that means you need to scale your sales.

The Question is how?

  • Well you could up your Facebook advertising- but you might have tried that already. If you have, then you'll know it's tough to get conversions you're looking for without expert help. 

  • You could try outsourcing - a.k.a. getting someone else to do the sales for you. (Admit it, you've thought about it, haven't you?)

  • But who knows your business best?


    You've passionate about it and know all the answers (it's your baby after all).

  • So, it totally makes sense for you to have those sales conversations

    And you know it.

    That's why you've dipped your toe into at least one of the many free courses on selling - because you want to get better at it. 

  • But they didn't give you the support you needed

  • There was no accountability. 

    So guess what?

  • You didn't put into practice what you learnt. 

  • So, it totally makes sense for you to have those sales conversations.

    And you know it.

    That's why you've dipped your toe into at least one of the many free courses on selling - because you want to get better at it. 

  • But they didn't give you the support you needed

  • There was no accountability. 

    So guess what?

  • You didn't put into practice what you learnt. 

  • Now you're feeling frustrated and imposter syndrome is settling in like an old friend. You're worried you'll never get enough sales to secure the future of your business. 

    But it doesn't have to be like that...

  • Moira Barnes Heart Icon

    You can feel confident talking to prospective clients.

  • Moira Barnes Heart Icon

    You can have a clear actionable plan that will help you scale your business.

  • Moira Barnes Heart Icon

    You can confidently convert all your sales conversations. 

  • "Moira is friendly and full of sales knowledge. I recently attended a sales workshop which was empowering to say the least. I came away with so many ideas on how to improve my sales and have already had success relating to my business."

    Gill Norris

    Hypno Birthing Specialist

    Hello, I'm Moira Barnes, Sales Consultant and founder of the Selling With Heart Academy. 

    I'd love you to join me for EMPOWERED TO SELL - The Selling With Heart Coaching Programme. 

    On this 6-week Programme you will: 

  • Discover how to sell with more heart, more talk and make more feel good sales.

  • Understand exactly who your ideal client is - so you don't waste time talking to the wrong people.

  • Develop your own dependable, repeatable sales process (that you'll continue to use long after the programme finishes)

  • Be supported and held accountable by me, PLUS get support from a peer group of like-minded business owners. 

  • Be EMPOWERED and motivated to scale your sales and your business. 

  • Why do you need this?

    Because having a clear sales process will...

  • save time and stress

  • win you sales

  • help you to get back to doing what you love 

  • Meet Greg...

    He owns a construction business. He was ready to sell his high-end barn conversions but didn't like the thought of handing over a chunk of his profits to real estate agents. 

    So, he came to me. We worked on an organic sales and marketing strategy that put 'him' into his business and allowed potential customers to really feel his passion for his projects. 

    By following the roadmap, being consistent (and despite a global pandemic), Greg has just sold 2 high-end barn conversions. 

    And the best bit - he only used the organic methods I had coached him on.

    From talking to potential customers, he has grown his confidence and can handle objections with ease. 

    The techniques and tips that Moira trained me with have helped to revolutionise our strategy and it's having real results on our business' bottom line. 

    Greg O'Connell - MD GOC Construction

    Imagine, if you could sell with confidence like Greg did?

    That feeling of bringing in consistent quality leads and knowing you can easily convert them into buying fans of your service. 

    That's what you are investing in Empowered To Sell

    You'll be part of a 6-week online group coaching and learning community (led by me) that will empower you to sell your services with more confidence. 

    You can invest in the Empowered To Sell now at 

  • £500 DIY

    Evergreen Programme

    What do you get ?

  • Go through Course at your own pace

  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Lifetime Access to Programme materials

  • £997

    Exclusive Group Coaching Programme

    What do you get ?

    • All of features of the Evergreen Programme &

    • Weekly 60 minute live group office hour

    • 1 to 1 Empowerment Session

    • Bonus Brand Bravery Masterclass

    Your transactions are 100% secured. We use the best possible encryption method available.

    Yes, I'm Ready To Make Feel-Good Sales!

    Here's what you'll get in the programme...

    Access to EMPOWERED TO SELL Exclusive Facebook Group

  • Get to know other programme members and cheer each others sales. 

  • Ask questions, share ideas and get access to me 3 days a week.

  • Your invite will be sent on confirmation of payment.

  • Weekly 60 Minute LIVE Office Hour

  • Learn how to put more heart and more talk into your sales

  • Develop your own sales roadmap to suit your ideal client and you.

  • Videos streamed live  via the Facebook Group, then uploaded to your included membership account for playback at any time. 

  • Weekly Homework task & feedback

  • A task that will take approx X hours, getting you to follow-up on or implement what you learnt in the coaching session.

  • This is then sent to me to review and get personalised feedback - to help you accelerate your sales and grow your confidence. 

  • Lifetime access to all programme materials

  • Because its good to revisit things and review your sales process every now & again. 

  • PLUS, a 121 Sales Empowerment Session

  • A chance to review and reflect with me. Together we'll make sure your roadmap is right for you and you know what you need to do for sales success.

  • BONUS - Brand Bravery Masterclass with Amy from Whiteacres Design

  • Amy is a true Brand Explorer and, in her masterclass, she'll make sure your brand is showing up authentically to attract your ideal client. * Free bonus only available if you opt to pay in full upfront.

  • Are You Joining Me?

    Don't miss out!

    The programme starts in Autumn 2021

    And due to the high level of support you'll get from me places are capped at just 10 people

    You'll work with likeminded business owners - because you've all identified a real need to change your sales mindset and grow your business.

    Yes, I want to join you!

    "Moira genuinely cares about helping you feel better about selling, and will help you feel comfortable about your selling strategy."

    Lara Mellor

    Microsoft Trainer 

    Want to ditch the frustration and nervousness you feel about selling?

    How about we swap that for confidence and motivation? 

    By working with me, you tap into 30 years of sales experience and advanced sales techniques. 

    Why choose to work with me?

    I recently asked all my past students and clients what they though of working with me. I used a Net Promoter Score tool, the most effective way to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. I scored a whopping 75!* 

    *That's higher than Apple (68), Netflix (68) and Amazon (62).

    So, you know that I really have your best interests at heart 

    I want you to feel


    Empowered to go out there, use your roadmap and convert leads with more heart, more talk, more feel-good sales.

    Still got questions?

    Maybe you'll find the answers here...

    1. Is there a payment plan?

    Yes, you can make 6 weekly payments while you are on the course. 

    2. What will I specifically learn on the programme ?

    There will be 6 modules which are currently being worked on and I will update the page soon. 

    3. What if the timings of the lives don't work for me ?

    No problem, they will be recorded and uploaded into the Facebook group as well as via your online learning platform you will gain access to at the start of the programme

    4. What is your refund policy if there is one ?

    Yes, there is a refund policy. If at the end of the 6 weeks, if you've participated in all the work, submitted all the homework and actioned any feedback and are still not satisfied that your confidence to sell has improved, I will refund you 100%6

    5. How do I know this will pay a return on my investment ?

    If you put the work in and action my advice this will work, I promise. Previous students have reported that they now have better customer engagement which leads to increased sales. They say that the work they have done with me has prompted them to not be afraid to reach out to drive sales. One student sold a £250k house without any spend on marketing purely from the confidence and techniques he'd learnt from me. 

    Ready to have a dependable repeatable sales process that works?


    The Selling With Heart Coaching Programme


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